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Creating Enchantment.

Luxurious, custom clothing made to fit you.

Let's bring magic to your wardrobe. 


Enchanted Fashion

Completely Custom

Sustainably Sourced

The royal treatment; Everything you could ever want, a one-stop-shop.

Kaela Renee A.

    "Everything fits so well, to the point where I don't want to take it off at the end of the day. The material breathes and I can move freely. I wish my entire wardrobe was comprised of 'Ezra October Originals'!"

medieval renaissance womans costume
ombre wedding dress blush and lace

Tabby S.

      “This was the prettiest and comfiest dress I've ever worn. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful on my wedding day. You created absolute magic and I felt like a princess in her magical hedgehog forest.

This was even prettier than what I was imagining when we were planning it.

Ezra, you are a master at what you do. Thank you for making this for me. It's so special.”

Shae B.

    "I can speak from experience wearing the clothes/costumes he's made from scratch (are) so comfortable and creative, he'll listen to your ideas and really bring your dreams to life!"

victorian steampunk costume

Recent Favorite Creations

Mythical... Gothic... Comfortable... Oh My!


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