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  • Return policy?
    Unfortunately, because every commission piece is uniquely designed, I cannot offer full refunds. Contact us if you are returning an overstock item.
  • Why do your clothes cost so much?
    They're handmade by skilled laborors that are paid what they're worth, from start to finish. They are also made of finer materials. Each piece is like a wearable piece of art, with love and care put into it, and we take that very seriously.
  • Can I commision you?
    My commissions are open! You can contact me through the webpage, or email me at
  • Wedding Dress/Outfit?
    If you want the uncommon wedding dress, I'm your guy. From ombre skirts to elven robes with 9 foot trains, I will bring your fantasy wedding attire to reality, WITHOUT sacrificing your comfort!
  • Historical clothing?
    I specialize in 1810's through 1950's, having studied those eras extensively. I have made reenactment clothing, living history clothing, and museum displays. You can view some of my work here!
  • Where is Ezra October Co located?
    Our shop is in the Englewoods Arts District of Independence, Missouri. Open by appointment only.
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