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Cordelia Blouse

Cordelia Blouse

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“All I want is a dress with puffy sleeves” -L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Inspired by Edwardian dress blouses, when elegance and politeness was key. Yet… have you heard of Ms. Alice Roosevelt?

The daughter of President Teddy Roosevelt could not be constrained, and neither can this blouse. While being a fashion icon, she also took part in a manic lifestyle— going to over 1 thousand parties in 15 months, smoked in public, had a pet snake named Emily Spinach, and jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed.

You can fearlessly do that with your Cordelia blouse, the linen is durable and only gets softer with each wash.

these elegant shirts button in the back at the neck and at the elbows, with elastic cord for comfort. Made of high quality linen that breathes with you.


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