As a gender non-conforming trans man, I seek to make clothing genderless. No more unnecessary binary sizing, just comfortable, fashionable clothing for humanity. 



Includes clothing made of natural fibers meant to be worn, loved, passed on, and biodegrade when their life is over.


Ezra October Ethetton

I am a tailor and fantastical costume designer, mixing my love for historical clothing and fantasy costumes, as well as subcultures in fashion.

I firmly believe that when we put on a good outfit or costume, we can become someone we never were before; a powerful ruler, an ancient spirit, a beautiful deity, or even a simple milkmaid.

My studio and shop is located inside The Darkwood House Gallery.

darkwood house.png

Darkwood House Gallery

I wouldn't have gotten this opportunity without the loving and generous support from Haunter Darren, gallerist and dear friend of mine. 

Please take a look at their work, and if you are looking for a creepy-cool venue in the Kansas City metro area, consider them!