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Stargazer Batwing Top

Stargazer Batwing Top

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There’s a cool breeze through the park, and you’re staring up at the stars. There’s Orion, Cassiopeia, Ursa Major… you climb a tree to get a better look, the comfortable Stargazer top giving you full range of motion as you move swiftly up. Impressive, considering you were just wearing it to a dinner party moments ago. We live darting back and forth between freedom and class, and this top walks the tightrope with elegance.

Cotton blend, for breathability that matches you.

  • Production Time

    Most items are made to order, meaning it could take anywhere between a few days to two weeks to make. Message us for accommodations.  

  • Care

    Because of the embrodery details, we recommend washing on delicate and cold to keep the color. Hang dry to preserve it for years to come.

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